Sound. Significant. Sustainable.


KGA’s mission is to remain exclusively dedicated to the practice and advancement of structural engineering.  Intentionally, our work focuses on a variety of project types, including architectural structures, bridges and various infrastructure projects.  In all of these areas, we are recognized for our innovative, cost effective and aesthetically sensitive design.  Since 1969, KGA has built its legacy on projects that are structurally sound, significant and sustainable.

Kramer Gehlen & Associates, Inc.
400 Columbia Street
Suite 240
Vancouver, WA 98660-3413
Ph. 360-693-1621 (Vancouver)
Ph. 503-289-2661 (Portland)
Fax. (360) 696-1572

KGA - Kramer, Gehlen Associates, structural engineering

Kramer Gehlen & Associates
400 Columbia St, Suite 240
Vancouver, WA 98660-3413

Vancouver: 360-693-1621 Portland: 503-289-2661 Fax: 360-696-1572

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